My Father is the husbandmanKey John 15:1-2


  1. What are the meanings & how to understand figures?
  2. Particular knowledge about parable
  3. List of key questions to be discussed

      II. The scope & purpose

Occasion: not clear, may be during supper or passing near olive tree.

Design :
Firstly: to show Father’s leadership, primary position in Godhead and author of all spiritual blessing.

  • Christ as his mediator
  • Planted in this world as true vine
  • He is first in his husbandry
  • Through Christ alone all spiritual blessings follows.

Secondly: to show the necessity of our being united to Christ in order to bring forth fruit.

  • We have no our own ability to or our own power to bring any sort of spiritual blessing or spiritually good.

Thirdly: To show the mystical body of Christ that is, in visible church phony believers are tied together.

  • And to show what will befall on counterfeit followers. Finally, to show true believer are abiding in Christ and bring more fruits.
  • Father helps those who are in Christ to bear more fruits.

    III.  Opening of the parable

  • What it means when Christ speaks of “I am true vine”?

General meaning: Christ is …

  1. True Messiah
  2. True savior
  3. True right plant
  4. True root of all grace
  5. Only way of receiving blessing
  6. Planted by God to support all elect
  7. To be united in Christ

Let’s dig more deep:

“Why Christ compared to a “Vine”?

  1. Humble state – Isa 53:2-3
  2. Name above all name (Honorable name – Phil 2:9, Matt 1:21, Jer 51:21; Ez 17:3.
  3. Real source of spiritual sup- Col 2:3; Jn 1:14; John 1:16
  4. The most fruitful – Psl 127:3
  5. Bear choice of fruit – psl 114:15; prov 31:6-7;
  6. Divine shadow of God – Micah 4:4; Isa 32:2
  7. Pressed to bring vine – Isa 53:5

Next question is “Why Father is called husbandman?


  1. He has a work of farmer/ husbandman tilling, sowing & planting & employing.
  2. Seed to show – 1pet 1:23
  3. Trees to plant – Isa 61:3; Pls 104:16
  4. Servants to employee – Isa 42:1; 49:5


Limited power of men and unlimited power of God.

  • Require skillful and knowledge about husbandry, God excels in this respect in all manners.
  • In fruits, wisdom full can bring rain.

Thirdly:  God self sufficient to manage and provide all needs.

Fourthly: God has hard worker.

Fifthly: He aims his own profit

Sixthly: Guard his husbandry

Seventhly: Mention his vineyard

Next question “What is meaning of “Every branch in me that bears not fruit, he takes away?

Mystical body – those who are not internally connected with Christ.

Two fold being in Christ

  1.  External visible church
  2.  internal true spiritual union

What is “Everyone in me that bears not fruit”?

  • Church members
  • False believers
  • Bring counterfeit fruit
  • Bring no fruit in Christ

What is “takes away mean”?

  • Removal of gifts
  • Giving to carnal spirit
  • Strong disillusion
  • Fall into others sin
  • Remain of grace and common influence of spirit.
  • Blindness of mind and hardness of heart

True branches he purges

  • By his word
  • By his spirit
  • By his rod
  • By is affliction & tribulation

Blood of Christ is sufficient yet in other ways he cleans

  • Live coal from altar by mercy & truth
  • Fear of God
  • Mercy in Christ  promises

Pruning they will bring more fruits.

Next question “Why father compared to branch?”

  • Supported by Christ not self sufficient
  • Receive sap from Christ
  • To be in the nature of Christ
  • Abiding in Christ is necessary
  • To bring real fruits.

In a long or short journey of everyone’s life, we often knowingly or unknowingly arrive to a place called, Marah! None by choice we arrive here but the earthly journey makes everyone to pass through, note not all of them successfully passed thou. Many were chocked by its strong impact and made them to surrender their life under it, we know it because we have seen their bold written label; RIP!

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