Produce fruits in keeping with true repentance – Matt. 3:8

The very purpose Christ appeared on the flesh, is to turn men and women from their sinful ways, and to teach them about what is true repentance is all about. Often we find it, when a person who professed his/her faith in Christ, they seems to be swept and well dressed up outwardly, however the most need repentance in invisible areas of men and women are still lacking. 

For instance, One may have well responded to his/her outward visible immoral life style…but internal purity of heart is still being miles far away! You name it; still prolonging with feelings of hatred, backbiting, and craving after lustful desire, fret against one another, envy and malice and showing partiality, selfishness and pride.

In New Testament, there are three Greek words which sheds more light to understand the true repentance:
  1. Metamelomai(v) –Which means “change of Mind”, i.e. produce regret not change of heart, for instance, in Judas Iscariot case.
  2. “Metanoeo” – Which means change in one’s mind and purpose.
  3. The cognate Noun “Metanoia” – which means true repentance; a change of mind and purpose (to which remission of sin is promised).
 What is repentance?
  • Primarily repentance means change in one’s mind, heart and purpose. So one who truly turns away from sinful path, that is, changes in his/her mind, heart and purpose is the true sign of repentance.
  • Repentance is all about turning from sinful life to holiness.
 Why it is important?
  • The only way to accept the salvation is through repentance.
  • Repentance is the only way to escape from coming wrath of God.
  • Un-repented soul is still under the captivity of Satan
  • Without repentance one cannot complete his/her faith in Christ, for instance, not eligible for baptism or receive forgiveness, etc…
  • The Lord is afar from un-repented and his/her prayers not heard.
 Further bible teaches us:
  • Acts 17:30 – It is God’s commandment and final call to all sinning persons
  • Acts 3:19 – Essential for forgiveness and relief
  • Acts 2:30 – Important action to complete your obedience to Christ.
  • 2 Pet. 3:9 – It is God’s desire, everyone should come under the true repentance and be saved.
 Some of the basic signs of repentance:
  • Old man’s deeds and ways are forsaken – Psa. 119:104.
  • A renewed heart that hates evil things – Jude 23
  • New life that bears fruits of repentance – Matt. 3:8.
 Few example of true and false repentance:
  • Peter showed his true change of heart – Matt. 26:15
  • Ananias shows false change of heart – Acts 5:3,5.

According to Bible teaching true repentance is all about, change in one’s heart, mind and purpose in life. Cleaning merely the outward or public visible parts of vessel is not sufficient, one must clean in the invisible parts of our lives, in order to be truly be saved.

by Jayasheelan.R


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