Shepherd's Care Fellowship

“I pray that they will all be one, just as you and I are one…”

| Jn. 17:21, NLT.


The Shepherd’s Care Fellowship surpasses denomination differences and wants to help the churches be everything our Lord intended.

Our mission is to connect churches; By equipping pastors, encouraging churches, and fostering cooperative projects.

Our services, structure, and outreach may look different, but we are committed to these five core values and four major purposes.

Shepherd's Values

Shared Theology

We agree on the big issues.

Mutual Development

We help each other grow and learn.

Unity in Diversity

We value different approaches and traditions.

Regular Fellowship

We prioritise getting together to sharpen ourselves and others.

Kingdom Aimed

Our activities are focused on the mission and advancing the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Prayer supplication

It's our undeniable resource of faith.

Spiritual mentorship

Through authentic Bible training.

Defend legally

Independent ministries in India.

Share resources

And information to grow and progress every local body of Christ.


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