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Written by Pastor Jayasheelan.R on Sunday 2nd February 2014

-| Bible Study on Obedience |-

You must obey him and keep his commandments and statutes that I am giving you today.”

– Deut. 27:10


Abraham Lincoln once told of a farmer who was trying to teach his son how to plow a straight furrow. After the horse had been hitched up and everything was ready, he told the boy to keep his eye on some object at the other end of the field and plow straight toward it.

Father: Do you see that cow lying down over there?

Son: yes

Father: keep your eye on her and plow straight ahead.

Boy started plowing and the father went about his chores. When he returned a little later to see what progress had been made he was shocked to find, instead of the straight lie, something that looked more like a question mark. They boy had obeyed his instructions. The trouble was the cow had moved.

Obedience first and for most important virtue in Christian call, everything else follows after this solemn act. But we are not called to obey lies, human bias, or any other things which is uncertain like the moving cow, we cannot draw a straight line by point/ aiming toward moving things, but only by looking at more solid, stable, unmovable.

I believe only God and his word can fill that place because nothing else is so certain, that we could draw straight line for our lives.  Obedience is the path that helps draw straight line for our Christian lives.

We are strictly told to obey but its important first to know what obedience to God means? Why we should obey him? What would happen if we reject/accept it? Come lets search in the light of the scripture for more stable answers.

I.  Scripture Teaching on Obedience

1.Why we should obey God?

Since God is the Creator and Lord of the universe, people should obey him (Deu 4:35-40)

2.What happen if we obey or disobey God?

To those who obey him, he promises blessing; to those who disobey him, cursing (Deu 11:27-28; 27:10; Jos 5:6).

3.What is obedience means?

Obedience means to hear God’s voice, accept his authority and do what he says (Exo 15:26), Obedience may be voluntary or involuntary. Voluntary obedience alone can be acceptable to God.

4.What is disobedience means?

Disobedience means to ignore God’s voice, reject his authority and not do what he says (Jer 7:24) also see – Lev 26:14-16; 2Chr 7:19; 2Chr 7:20

5.What happened when Adam disobeyed?

Adam’s disobedience brought disaster upon the human race –  Gen 3:6; Gen 3:11; Gen 3:12; Rom 5:12; Rom 5:15; Rom


6.What happened when Christ Obeyed?

Christ’s obedience (an obedience throughout life even to death) brings salvation (Rom 5:19; Phi 2:8; see also SIN).

7.What is the New Testament Obedient?

God commands all people everywhere to repent and believe the gospel (Mar 1:15; Act 17:30; 1Jo 3:23). Therefore, faith in Christ is obedience; unbelief is disobedience (Act 6:7; 2Th 1:8; Heb 5:9; 1Pe 4:17). Having exercised faith in Christ, true believers will give clear evidence of this by lives of constant obedience to God (1Pe 1:14-16; 1Jo 5:1-3).

8.What is true obedience?

Religious exercises are never a substitute for obedience to the commands of God. If people say they love God but deliberately disobey his Word, they deceive themselves. Love for God leads to obedience, not disobedience (1Sa 15:22; Luk 22:42; Joh 14:15; 15:10,14-15).

9.What happens if we cultivate habit of obeying God?

If people develop the habit of obeying God, they will become true servants of righteousness and therefore true servants of God. By contrast, if they develop the habit of obeying the sinful human nature, they will become servants of sin and therefore useless to God (Rom 6:12-18).

10.What is the various responsibilities Christian owe/obliged to obey?

Christians have a responsibility to submit to the various kinds of authority that God has established in human society.

  • In the family, children are to obey their parents (Eph 6:1; Col 3:20).
  • In the sphere of work, employees are to obey their employers (Eph 6:5; Col 3:22).
  • In any community or nation, people are to obey the laws of that community or nation (Rom 13:1; Tit 3:1; 1Pe 2:13).
  • In the church, Christians are to obey their leaders (Phi 2:12; 1Th 5:12; Heb 13:7).

11.What is a Christian’s response towards anti-God regulation by any authority?

In any sphere of life, people with authority may at times command Christians to do something that is contrary to the teachings of God’s Word. In such cases, Christians must be prepared to obey God rather than submit to anti-God regulations, even though their actions may bring unwelcome consequences upon themselves (Act 5:29,40).

12.What else obedience to God does?

If we obey God it bring the proof of,

  • Our true love to God
  • Our true discipleship
  • Our true fruit of the Spirit
  • Our true born again character
  • Our true prayer toward God
  • Our true rest in peace(fulfills our life here on the earth)
  • Our true happiness – Ps 40:8; John 13:17
  • Our true knowledge in Christ – John 7:17
  • Our true Sacrifice – 1Sam 15:22; Jer 7:21-23


Learn obedience, make habit of obeying God and to them  that rightfully owes, after all only by obedience we are saved, and our life comes to its fullness, and knowing for sure, when we are about to leave this house(earthily life), we have nothing to worry! Nothing to fear! Nothing to lose!

The doors of heaven is wide opened for obedient, crown of eternal life awaits for such in heaven, host of the father’s house ready welcome such in, there will be great joy for you and for me, if we find ourselves in father’s adobe with obedience, therefore like psalmist let’s pray,

“???????I am determined to obey your statutes ??????at all times, to the very end.”–   Ps 119:112.

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