Yes, you can!
“To Change” is a universal entreaty! It starts with an individual, to ending-up with whole cosmos (Rom. 8:21-22). You may choose to help others’ change, however, the only person you’re responsible to change is, yourself! (Rom. 2:6 Comp. 2 Cor. 5:10)

“Everybody thinks of changing Humanity and Nobody thinks of changing Himself.” — L. Tolstoy

Biblical principles for practical change
a) God demand changes in our lives in Eph. 4:17
b) How God brings this change in us, is by renewing the old fallen image (Eph. 4:20-24)
c) God Effects the change by enabling us, how?
– Put off the old-man and put on the new-man
Put off the former manner of life and habitual response pattern to new-man by new biblical manner of life and with new habitual pattern to replace the old.

Bible alternatives guide line
Not breaking habit alone but also replacing them, for instance, lying to speaking truth, returning evil to returning good.

It is not enough stopping some old and bad manner of life and habits but we must replace with new one, otherwise…it will soon open door again for the old ones.

Here is the biblical example of this truth…
Matt. 12:44; Luke 11:25 — Illustration of unclean spirit.

“House empty, swept, and put in order.”
Without the Lord, every house, family and life of individual is empty…
Nothing keeps the devil away, except the house becomes the indwelling of Holy Spirit, or God takes over it. For instance, Devil could not touch Job’s house, without divine permission (Job 1:10)

Five essential changes will bring “guaranteed” transformation

1. Removal of ungodly walks — A commitment to walk with God closely
2. Removal of Bad habits — A commitment to change unhealthy habits
3. Removal of Impulsiveness — A Commitment to grow in faith
4. Removal of corruption — A commitment to bring every thoughts to obedience.
5. Removal of Unbelief — A commitment to believe in the promises of God

God knows we cannot change it all by ourselves, therefore, we have His unmovable promises to help us!(Read Eze. 36:25-27)

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