A Five Hundred-Year-Old, “veni sancte spiritus” – Holy Spirit Prayer!

In English | தமிழில் | ಕನ್ನಡದಲ್ಲಿ

👉 Origin: Latin Language
👉 Translation: English Versions

🪔 “Come, Holy Spirit, send forth the heavenly radiance of your light.

🪔 Come, father of the poor, come, giver of gifts, come, light of the heart.

🪔 Greatest comforter, sweet guest of the soul, sweet consolation.

🪔 In labour, rest, in heat, temperance, in tears, solace.

🪔 O most blessed light, fill the inmost heart of your faithful.

🪔 Without your spirit, there is nothing in man, nothing that is not harmful.

🪔 Cleanse that which is unclean, water that which is dry, heal that which is wounded.

🪔 Bend that which is inflexible, fire that which is chilled, correct what goes astray.

🪔 Give to your faithful, those who trust in you, the sevenfold gifts.

🪔 Grant the reward of virtue, grant the deliverance of salvation, grant eternal joy.”

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