The Ten Plagues on Egypt

(Exodus 7-12)

Scholars have noted that the plagues sent by the God of Moses and Aaron correspond to gods the Egyptians worshipped. The contest between Moses and the Pharaoh was a power encounter in which Yahweh demonstrated His complete mastery, hardening the Pharaoh’s heart as easily as He sent fearsome plagues, all to accomplish His will of liberating His people.

The Ten Plagues on Egypt

The miraculous deliverance of Israel
The Plague Egyptian God The Effect
  1. Blood (7:20)
Hapi Pharaoh hardened (7:22)
  1. Frogs (8:6)
Heket Pharaoh begs relief promisesFreedom (8:8), but is hardened


  1. Lice (8:17)
HathorNut Pharaoh hardened (8:19)
  1. Flies (8:24)
ShuIsis Pharaoh bargains (8:28)but is hardened (8:32)
  1. Livestock diseased (9:6)
Apis Pharaoh hardened (9:7)
  1. Boils (9:10)
Sekhmet Pharaoh hardened (9:12)
  1. Hail (9:23)
Geb Pharahoh begs relief (9:27)Promises freedom (9:28)

but is hardened (9:35)

  1. Locusts (10:13)
Serapis Pharaoh bargains (10:11)begs relief (10:17), but is hardened (10:20)
  1. Darkness (10:22)
Ra Pharaoh bargains (10:24)But is hardened (10:27)
  1. Death of Firstborn (12:29)
Pharaoh and Egyptians beg Israel to leave Egypt (12:31-33)