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Name Description Reference Biblical
Adam, Last Adam First of the new race of the redeemed 1 Cor.15:45
Alpha and Omega The beginning and ending of all things Rev. 21:6
Bread of Life The one essential food John 6:35
Chief Cornerstone A sure foundation for life Eph. 2:20
Chief Shepherd Protector, sustainer, and guide 1 Pet. 5:4
Christ- Greek : ‘Anointed one’ (see Messiah)
Firstborn from the Dead Leads us into resurrection and eternal life Col. 1:8
Good Shepherd Provider and caretaker John 10:11
Great ShepherdOf the Sheep Trustworthy guide and protector Heb. 13:20
High Priest A perfect sacrifice for our sins Heb. 3:1
Holy One of God Sinless in His nature Mark. 1:24
Emmanuel (God With Us) Stands with us in all of life’s circumstances Matt. 1:23
Jesus- Yahweh is Salvation
King of Israel- By implication, the king (Messiah)Who had been foretold in the Old Testament
King of the Jews- A facetious title given him by Pilate
King of Kings,LordRev 19:16 of Lords The Almighty , before whom every knee will bow
Lamb of God Gave His life as a sacrifice on our behalf John 1:29
Light of the World Brings hope in the midst of darkness John 9:5
Lord of Glory The power and presence of the living God 1 Cor. 2:8
Lord- Master
Master- A person with authority
Messiah- Hebrew: ‘Anointed one’ (see Christ)
Mediator betweenGod and Men Brings us into God’s presence redeemed and forgiven 1 Tim. 2:5
Nazarene- A person from Nazareth
Only Begotten of the Father The unique, one –of –a Kind Son of God John 1:14
Prince of Peace- One who embodies peace and brings peace
Prophet Faithful proclaimer of the truths of God,A person who speaks with divinely inspired revelations Acts. 3:22
Rabbi- My master: term of respect used for great teachers
Redeemer- The one who redeems (buys back)
Savior- One who saves; specifically,The one who can save people from

The punishment their Sin deserves

Savior Delivers from sin and death Luke. 1:47
Seed of Abraham Mediator of God’s covenant Gal. 3:16
Son of David- A descendant of King David,But specifically the descendant who would be the promised Messiah
Son of God- Jesus was the “only- begotten” or unique son whose father is God; the second person of the Trinity
Son of Man A representative of mankind but Jesus used the term as a claim to divinityIdentifies with us in our humanity Matt. 18:11
The Word Present with God at the creation John 1:1
Teacher – One who teaches
Word – The personification of the message revealed from God


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