Topic#1 – The character of God’s servant

The value of a person is pivot of his/her character. A good character is exceedingly pleasant and amicable. Any person, who is endowed with an appropriate character, is a people person!

In Bible times, Jewish teachers and philosophers like the Stoics also advised patience in instructing others; in contrast, some moralists, like the Cynics, verbally abused passersby with their “wisdom”. (IVP BB)

Therefore, Apostle Paul, in his writing in 2 Tim. 2:24, pens the four kernel characters of a servant of the Lord, let’s dig them one by one:

Firstly, do not be quarrelsome, instead, he must be known as a “peace-lover” and not as a “fist-lover!”

Secondly, be kind to everyone, it means, to love others and to be loveable. Not being indifferent to any people.

Thirdly, able to teach, he must be a good teacher. Having the capability to teach others and rightly dividing the word of God.

Fourthly, upholding patience, he must be willing to suffer wrong and patiently enduring evil or in other words, being patient in times of suffering and to be known for his “Endurance”.

Character is both an art and a self-discipline; one must master it gradually; although for a servant of God, this is a paramount need of the time. Henceforth, we are called to be ‘peaceful,’ ‘loveable,’ ‘capable,’ and showing all patience toward sufferings.

If we do obey, on that day, Christ will tell us, “Good job! You’re a good and faithful servant!”  (Matt 25:23, GW)

– written by Jayasheelan.R

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