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Name Description Biblical Reference
Bath-Sheba Wife of David; mother of Solomon 2 Sam. 11:327
Deborah Judge who defeated the Canaanites Judg, 4:4
Delilah Philistine Who tricked Samson Judg. 16:45
Dinah Only daughter of Jacob Gen. 30:21
Esther A Jesish captive in Persia who saved her people from destruction by the schemer Haman Esth. 1-10
Eve First Woman Gen. 3:20
Gomer Prophet Hosea’s unfaithful wife Hos. 1:2,3
Hagar Sarah’s maid; mother of Ishmael Gen. 16:3-16
Hannah Mother of Samuel 1 Sam. 1
Jezebel Wicked Wife of King Ahab 1 Kin. 16:30,31
Jochebed Mother of Moses Ex. 6:20
Miriam Sister of Moses; a prophetess Ex.15:20
Naomi Ruth’s mother-in-law Ruth. 1:2,4
Orpah Ruth’s sister-in-law Ruth.1:4
Rachel Wife of Jacob Gen.29:28
Rahab Harlot who harboured Israel’s spies; ancestors of Jesus Josh. 2:3-9Matt.1:5
Ruth Wife of Boaz and mother of Obed; Ancestor of Jesus Ruth. 4:13,17Gen.1:5
Sarah Wife of Abraham;Mother of Issac Gen. 11:2921:2,3
Tamar A daughter of David 2 Sam. 13:1
Zipporah Wife of Moses Ex. 2:21


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