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1. Which event is called the Annunciation ?

  1. When Jesus rose from the tomb on the third day
  2. When Jesus died on the Cross
  3. When the Angel Gabriel told the Virgin Mary the she would have a baby who would be the Son of God
  4. When Moses and Elijah appeared with Jesus on a mountaintop
2. What was the name of the hill where Jesus was Crucified?

  1. Mount Sinai
  2. Mount of Olives
  3. Mount of Transfiguration
  4. Golgotha
3. What was the town on the Sea of Galilee where much of Jesus’ ministry took Place?

  1. Capernaum
  2. Jerusalem
  3. Bethlehem
  4. Jericho
4. The names CHRIST; from a Greek word, and Messiah from a Hebrew word, both mean the same thing. What do they mean?

  1. Bread of Life
  2. God with us
  3. Anointed One
  4. Prophet
5. What term is used to describe Jesus’ death on the Cross?

  1. The Ascension
  2. The Crucifixion
  3. The Resurrection
  4. The Transfiguration
6. Where was Jesus born?

  1. Jerusalem
  2. Bethlehem
  3. Capernaum
  4. Nazareth
7. In the Parable of the Sower, what does the seed represent?

  1. The plentiful harvest
  2. The cares of this world
  3. Seven years of plenty
  4. The Good News
8. Where did Jesus go to Pray with his Disciples after the Last Supper?

  1. Garden of Gethsemane
  2. Garden of Eden
  3. Bethlehem
  4. Capernaum
9. Who brought gifts of Gold, Frankincense, and Myrrh to the infant Jesus?

  1. The Shepherds
  2. The Angels
  3. The Wiseman
  4. King Herod
10. What Parable did Jesus tell in response to the question, “Who is my neighbour?”

  1. Parable of the Good Samaritan
  2. parable of the Lost Sheep
  3. parable of the Prodigal Son
  4. parable of the Pearl of Great Price
11. What is the Ascension?

  1. When Jesus came back to life again on the third day
  2. When Jesus raised Jairus’s daughter back to life
  3. When Jesus rose into Heaven after the Resurrection
  4. When the Angel Gabriel appeared to the Virgin Mary to tell her that she would have a son
12. Which of these expressions is called the great Commission?

  1. I am Alpha and Omega
  2. Behold the Lamb of God
  3. Go ye into all the world and preach the gospel to every creature
  4. Train up a child in the way He should go
13. Who said: “Behold the Lamb of the God?”

  1. Isaiah
  2. Peter
  3. Paul
  4. John the Baptist
14. What were Jesus and his Disciples celebrating when they ate the Last Supper?

  1. The fall of Rome
  2. The Passover
  3. The day of Atonement
  4. The Feast of Tabernacles
15. What is the Nativity?

  1. The birth of the Jesus
  2. The manager where Mary Laid the baby Jesus
  3. The death of the Jesus
  4. The Angel’s announcement to the Shepherds that the Saviour had been born
16. Where did Joseph and Mary Live before Jesus was born?

  1. Jerusalem
  2. Egypt
  3. Nazareth
  4. Bethany
17. Which term refers to Jesus’ coming back to life after his death on the Cross?

  1. The Nativity
  2. The Crucifixion
  3. The Resurrection
  4. The Second Coming
18. According to the Gospels, what was Jesus ‘first Miracle?’

  1. Walking on water
  2. Healing a blind man
  3. Multiplying the Loaves and Fishes
  4. Turning water into wine
19. Which quotation is not found in the sermon on the Mount?

  1. Go ye into the all World, and preach the gospel to every creature
  2. Blessed are the poor in Spirit
  3. Ye are the light of the world
  4. Go the Second mile
20. On What day do Christians commemorate the Triumphal Entry?

  1. Christmas
  2. Good Friday
  3. Palm Sunday
  4. Pentecost Sunday


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