How may  I know that there is a God?

Read, John 1:14,18; 14:9-14; 20:29-31; Rom 1:20; Ps. 19:1; Isa. 43:9, 10; Hos. 3:4,5; John 8:47.

How can I know that the Bible is true?

John 5:39, 40; John 7:17; Acts 17:11,12.

How can I understand Bible?

I Cor 2:9-14; John 16:13, Luke 11:13.

If a man does the best he can, will he not go to heaven?

John 3:5, 6, 36; Rom. 3:19,20; Gal.3:10;

If a man honestly thinks he is on the right road, will he be condemned?

Prov.14:12; Rom.3:3,4; Acts 17:30.

Can’t a man be a Christian, without believed that Christ was the Son of God?

I John. 5:9-13,20; John 20:28-31; Matt.16:13-18

Why was the death of Christ needed  to save man?

Rom 8:3; Gal.3:10; Rom.5:12,19.

What is the first thing to do in becoming a Christian?

Matt. 11:28; John 6:29,37; Acts 16:31.

What is the next thing?

Matt. 10:32; Rom. 10:9,10; Heb.13:15,16.

Must I not feel my sins before I can come to Christ? How can I do this?

Rom 7:13; John 16:8,9; Acts 2:36, 37; Zech. 12:10

Must I not repent? What is repentance? How can I repent?

Luke 24:46,47; Acts 5:30,31; Acts 20:21; Luke 15:17,18

How do I come to Christ?

Isa 55:7; I John.1:1-3; Rom.10:8-17; Mark 10:49,50

what is it to accept of Christ?

John.1:11,12; Rom.6:23; John 4:10; Eph 2:8.

How  may I get faith?

Rom.10:17 Eph.1:12,13; Luke 16:29-31; John 5:39, 46, 47; John 4:50; Luke 17:5.

How can I know that my sins are forgiven?

Mark 2:5; Luke 7:48-50; Acts 13:38, 39; I John 1:9

How can I tell that I love God?

I John 4:10;19; Rom .5:5-8; Eph 2:4-8.

Why will not the Lord show himself to me, and speak to me, as he did to Paul?

I.Tim 1:16; John 17:20; John 20:29; I.Pet.1:8; John 14:16-18

How may I know that the Spirit of God has come to me?

John 8; I.Cor. 12:13; Gal. 5:22,23; I John 3:14

Why do church members do wrong?

Phil. 3:18,19; I.Tim 4:1,2; II. Tim. 3:1-5; Gal. 5:17:6:1

Why there are so many different churches?

I.Cor.3:1-5. Cor.12:12-14; I.Cor.11:19; II.Pet 2:1,2; Eph. 1:17-23.

Must I Join the church to be a Christian?

Matt. 28:18-20 Acts 2:38-42,47;Heb.10:25.

Are dancing, card-playing. and theatre-going, are wrong for christian?

I.John 2:15-17; John.17:14-19; I.Pet 4:2-5

How shall I overcome the world?

Col 3:1-6; I John 5:4,5; Gal.1:4.

Why do good Christian have so much trouble in the world?

I.Cor.11:32; Ps 94:12,13; Heb.12:6-11; I Pet 4:12-19.

How shall I find deliverance from the power of sins, that I have practiced?

Rom 6:9-14; Eph 6:10-18; I. Pet.5:6-10

If I sin after become a Christian, will God forgive me?

Rom.13:14;  I John 2:1,2; Heb 4:14-16;  Jas.5:16; Matt.18:21, 22;

What is the sin against the Holy Ghost?

Mark 3:28-30; Heb.10:28,29; Acts 8:18-23.

How will I know, that I am one of the elect?

John 3:16; John 6:37; John 10:9, Rev. 22:17.

Must I forgive my enemies in becoming a Christian?

Matt 5:23,24; Matt 6:12,14,15; Eph 4:31,32.

Must I make restitution?

Mark 12:31; Rom 12:17; Luke 19:8; II Cor 8:21.

Must I not wait until I understand the Bible better, before I become a Christian?

Acts 8:12, 35-37; Acts 16:30-33; I Cor 2:1-5.

Must I not become a better man, before I become a Christian?

Matt.9:12,13; Matt. 17:15-18; Rom. 7:23-25; Gal.2:16

When I try to pray, it seems unreal to me. How can I overcome this?

Luke 11:1-4; John 1:18; John 17:6,25,26,

How I may be certain, that great sinner like me, could be saved?

Isa.55:6-9; Isa 43:24-26; I Tim. 1:15,16.

Should I make any start to confess, that I want to be Christian, while I have no feeling?

Matt.12:10-13; Ezek.36:26,27; Eph 2:4-6.

What is the greatest sin?

I John 5:10; John 5:38; Num 23:19.

If I become a Christian, what ought I to seek for most earnestly?

John 14:16-18; John 20:22 Acts 1:8; Acts 2:39 Eph. 5:17-21;

What will be my greatest difficulty the Christian life?

Phil. 2:3-5; Rom 12:3,16; John 13:12-17.

How can I be sure of holding out?

Isa.41:10; I Cor 10:13; I Cor.9;8; II Cor.12:9; Heb.7:25; Jude24; John 10:27-29

I do not feel like becoming a Christian now; can I not  put this off until some other time?

II.Cor 6:2; Heb.3:7,8; Heb 4:7; James 4:13-17.

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