Why pray for India

Why, India?

Green = Followers of Christ, Yellow / Orange = Nominal Christians, Red = people in unreached people groups

NEEDED: Labourers for the harvest in India!

India has less than 50 million Evangelicals (4% of population), mostly in the far northeastern and southernmost states. India’s central and northern states, where the bulk of India’s population reside, have very little Christian presence. By comparison, Africa has 360 million Evangelicals (35% of the population) and North and South America have 440 million Evangelicals (49% of the population).

India’s Evangelicals only speak a few of the many languages needed to effectively communicate the Gospel in India. While the Bible has been translated into the major Indian languages, many smaller languages do not have any Scriptures. Indian believers, who control the Bible societies, struggle with accepting the validity of translations in neighbouring languages.

India needs far more cross-cultural workers than the Indian churches can realistically provide. India receives only 6% of the world’s full-time Christian workers. Latin America, for example, has 25 times as many missionaries per person as India!

Did you know...

World's Largest unreached nation!

30% (or 2,077) of the world’s 6,738 remaining unreached people groups live in India.

1.6 billion live in unreached group

In the Indian subcontinent (India, Pakistan, Nepal, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka) there are 1.6 billion people living in unreached groups.

40% of the world’s poorest people

India holds one fifth of the entire world’s population and 40% of the world’s poorest people.

95% People are unreached

95% of India’s population lives in an unreached people group.

India’s population of 1.28 billion

India’s population of 1.28 billion people is more than North and South America combined (900 million) and more than Africa and the Middle East combined (1.26 billion).

410 million impoverished people

8 Indian States have more impoverished people than 26 of Africa’s poorest countries combined, totaling more than 410 million people.

Pray for India!

Pray for India

1) Growing Population – 1 out of every 6 people on earth lives in India

2) Children & Youth – 1 in every 5 kids on earth is born in India

3) Social Injustice & Oppression – India is a land of tremendous needs

4) Extreme Poverty – Almost 75% of people in India live on less than $2.50 (160/-) a day.

5) Rigid Illiteracy – Over 273 million adults in India are illiterate.

6) Superstitious – adherent to diverse beliefs, thus seeking all possible means to obtain fulfil ambitions.

7) Searching – Known as a land of spirituality and philosophy, India is a land searching for truth.

8) Unreached – With 400+ million who have never heard the name of Jesus, India is the most unreached nation in the world.

9) Persecution – India is ranked in the top 25 countries where Christians are facing the most persecution.

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