Titles or Names of Christ.

Exclusive study on different titles of Christ, distinct titles express the person of Christ and his works!

The different titles of Jesus Christ

The distinct title expresses the different truth!
Name Description Reference Biblical
Adam, Last Adam First of the new race of the redeemed 1 Cor.15:45
Alpha and Omega The beginning and ending of all things Rev. 21:6
Bread of Life The one essential food John 6:35
Chief Cornerstone A sure foundation for life Eph. 2:20
Chief Shepherd Protector, sustainer, and guide 1 Pet. 5:4
Christ- Greek : ‘Anointed one’ (see Messiah)
Firstborn from the Dead Leads us into resurrection and eternal life Col. 1:8
Good Shepherd Provider and caretaker John 10:11
Great ShepherdOf the Sheep Trustworthy guide and protector Heb. 13:20
High Priest A perfect sacrifice for our sins Heb. 3:1
Holy One of God Sinless in His nature Mark. 1:24
Emmanuel (God With Us) Stands with us in all of life’s circumstances Matt. 1:23
Jesus- Yahweh is Salvation
King of Israel- By implication, the king (Messiah)Who had been foretold in the Old Testament
King of the Jews- A facetious title given him by Pilate
King of Kings,LordRev 19:16 of Lords The Almighty , before whom every knee will bow
Lamb of God Gave His life as a sacrifice on our behalf John 1:29
Light of the World Brings hope in the midst of darkness John 9:5
Lord of Glory The power and presence of the living God 1 Cor. 2:8
Lord- Master
Master- A person with authority
Messiah- Hebrew: ‘Anointed one’ (see Christ)
Mediator betweenGod and Men Brings us into God’s presence redeemed and forgiven 1 Tim. 2:5
Nazarene- A person from Nazareth
Only Begotten of the Father The unique, one –of –a Kind Son of God John 1:14
Prince of Peace- One who embodies peace and brings peace
Prophet Faithful proclaimer of the truths of God,A person who speaks with divinely inspired revelations Acts. 3:22
Rabbi- My master: term of respect used for great teachers
Redeemer- The one who redeems (buys back)
Savior- One who saves; specifically,The one who can save people from

The punishment their Sin deserves

Savior Delivers from sin and death Luke. 1:47
Seed of Abraham Mediator of God’s covenant Gal. 3:16
Son of David- A descendant of King David,But specifically the descendant who would be the promised Messiah
Son of God- Jesus was the “only- begotten” or unique son whose father is God; the second person of the Trinity
Son of Man A representative of mankind but Jesus used the term as a claim to divinityIdentifies with us in our humanity Matt. 18:11
The Word Present with God at the creation John 1:1
Teacher – One who teaches
Word – The personification of the message revealed from God