The Church at the End of the Twentieth Century

Rev. Jayasheelan - July 27, 2017 - The Church & Its History /

Following questions are useful for advance bible school students.

a. a period of preparation before Christmas,

b. a Christian celebration derived from the celebration of Passover,

c. the angel gabriel’s announcement to the Virgin Mary that she would have a son,

d. a period of preparation before Easter.

a January 6,

b. Easter,

c. October 31

d. November.

a Angels,

b. the Eucharist,

c. the Church of England

d. the Africa Methodist Episcopal Church of England.

a. Baptist

b. Pentecostal

c. Episcopal

d. Presbyterian

a. Methodist

b. Episcopal

c. Congregational

d. Roman Catholic

a. prayers of confession

b. the Liturgy of the Roman Catholic church

c. children’s bedtime Prayers

d. all of the above

a. Episcopalians

b. Pentecostals

c. Mormons

d. Seventh-Day Adventists

a. The first Sunday of Advent

b. New Year’s Day

c. Ash Wednesday

d. Easter

a. Transubstantiation

b. the Lord’s Supper

c. the Last Supper

d. all of the above

a. Roman Catholic Church

b. Protestantism

c. Eastern Orthodox church

d. all of the above

a. Cathedral in Rome

b. the song of the Angels who announced Jesus’ birth to the shepherds

c. the Latin name of a Hymn still frequently sung in churches today

d. the Latin Translation of the Bible

a Nuns

b. members of Religious orders

c. teachers

d. missionaries

a Southern Baptists

b. Mormons

c. Presbyterians

d. Mennonites

a. Assemblies of God

b. National Baptist Convention

c. Southern Baptist Convention

d. Presbyterian Church (USA)

a commemorates Jesus’ entry into Jerusalem

b. is celebrated primarily in the tropics

c. is the beginning of the Church Year

d. celebrates the Creation

a. Paris

b. Constantinople

c. Athens

d. Rome