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What happens after the death?

The Miraculous Existence of the Bible

The panoptic historical view of the Holy Bible and its story of survival are not only a remarkable venture but a miraculous existence! The truth is, the Holy Bible is not only trustworthy, and the most reliable, genuine and original, but it also rejects and denies all manmade religions! Click Here to get a free […]

New is Poison – Ask for old ones!

Brief outline: Do not remove landed, ask for the old path, contend for the faith, Inviting curses, last days people, the true faith matters, examples of self-test, false church errors…

God’s time versus Man’s rush

Brief outline: Struggle of the natural mind, God’s immutable phase, Maddeningly hard to incline, Almighty is working hours, what hour is this? Keynote to remember… Note: Get a free copy if you are residing in Bangalore, others kindly send us request via email for postal delivery.