Building Lord’s People Everywhere.

Building Lord’s People Everywhere.

We have one mission; that’s, to fulfil the divine commission.

We do it in three ways…


Church Planting & Growth

Evangelism is the only divine principle for church planting and its growth, thus, the scope and subject of the gospel, is to make known man’s undeniable need of salvation.

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Social Service & Action

It involves relief and development activities based on human dignity. And it also involves political, social and economic activities based on human justice.

Leadership Empowerment

We understand the prime need for Biblical leadership and proper theological knowledge. Failing to fulfil such training could result in nominal and lukewarm churches.

Rev. Dr Jayasheelan.R

(Holds Master & Doctorate in Biblical Education) is the Mission founder, senior Pastor and Professor at IITS Bangalore. He is actively involved in Nationwide biblical training and spiritual revitalisation. Married and blessed with two children and resides in Bangalore, India.