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  • Who AM I? New Christian Short Film in English 2016

    Greetings! If you feel yourself left behind or so much discouraged and hate your life because discouragement and sorrows? we believe this small video has message for you; why you are more than what you think of? Download 100% Free Christian Movie

  • How much reliable is our faith in unseen Christ? in English-Kannada Part 1

    Jesus is true or false

    Is our faith in Christ real? How to believe christ in 21st Century? what is the correct way to believe in Christ? What sign I should look for to believe in him? how to understand Jesus in 21st Century? What is Jesus Christ design for his future Believers? What is the Lesson we learn from […]

  • The Only Christmas Holy Bible Teaches!

    why did jesus born

    Here is the Bible teaching which explain what is the true meaning of Christmas and helps one to understand with deep meaning of the sole purpose of christ coming down to earth. If you ever want to share about jesus to someone and searching best gospel message in 21st century? We recommend this Bible teaching […]

  • What makes Holy Bible so Special? in Kannada

    pastor jayasheelan R sermons

    Here are Seven Concrete Reasons; why you should read your Holy Bible? How do we know Holy Bible is god’s word? How Holy Bible can change your life? What are the blessing we receive? We believe this heart touching kannada bible teaching will help make your faith solid in christ and kindly do share it […]

  • Mature Faith Part 3 – Commitment to grow in Christ in English & Kannada!

    What bible speaks about growing in Christian faith? What are the good quality of mature Christian? What bible speaks about growing in grace and knowledge about christ? how to make church grow in faith? Bible study on Church growth. Its our pleasure to bring this fresh and reviving words of scripture to you through this […]

  • Mature Faith Part 2 – Trust in God and do Good! in English & Kannada

    How often we give up doing good works; when we witness more and more negative expression over hard labor and years efforts; we extracted sometimes for ministry, to his church, and sometimes to our own family members? Here is our pastor Jayasheelan; walks through the depth of the scripture to give core reasons to continue […]

  • Mature Faith Part 1 Praising God in Good and in Evil – English & Kannada

    How to grow further in faith or what is the matured faith in Christ? What is the true quality of mature faith in Christ? Here is the 30+ minutes teaching will boost your faith and give great encouragement to face challenges in your life; no matter how tall and wide is your hurdle; we have […]

  • First seek ye God of Abraham – Revival Sermon in Tamil & Telugu

    Do you know how to receive the Blessing of Abraham in your life? Do you know what is the secrete of real blessing? Is your life press down under the various fear? or do you feel like killing yourself due all hopelessness? Here is the living word of God preached at deliverance meeting in Andhra […]

  • When will of God fulfill in you? In English

    If you have ever what is God’s will and why surrendering to God is most stressed in pulpit; find out here as our Pastor Jayasheelan.R walks through you the depth of scripture. If you ever wish for God’s will in your life; then listen to this thoughtful inspirational video, we believe it will bring great […]

  • What is church and its mission? Revival Sermon in Tamil

    What is happening to 21st century churches? What is her true vision and call of God? What is the prophetical warning against those who abuse and destroy the temple of God? Here is the live audio captured at YMM Thanksgiving program, as our pastor Jayasheelan.R walks through the insights of the scriptures.