Why we pray Lord’s Prayer & included Apostle’s confession in our worship? July 31, 2018

WHY WE PRAY LORD’S PRAYER & INCLUDED APOSTLE’S CONFESSION IN OUR WORSHIP? To some, it might be strange and yet for others, it is much customary. However, if someone comes to realise its importance and need for identifying with the original faith from first-century church, they will appreciate our initiative to keep the Lord’s flock […]

Distribution of Crime against women August 9, 2017

Percentage distribution of crime against women…Where women are most crying out?

Pray for curtailment of crime rate in India August 9, 2017

Have we got already one foot in grave? Take brief look at crime figures in India…

Pray for violence again women in India August 9, 2017

Though there are several laws, rules regulations protecting women, there has been considerable increase in crime against women.

The story of City-life (Indian Context) Part 1 August 9, 2017

Kingsley Davis writes, “Much ink has been wasted in trying  to make sharp demarcation to tell where the city ends and country begins.”

Why I should Seek God? July 31, 2017

Isn’t it people are doing good without seeking God or prayers? If all is well, why, I need God?

The Holy Bible and World Religions Part 1 November 7, 2016

Introduction As of 2014, there are an estimated 4,200 different religions in the world, In that many has come and expired, today only 11 basic religions are said to be existing, and under it there are different denominations and groups. The Holy Bible fundamentally rejects and denies all man made religions and gods, and proclaim […]

Brief thought on gift of tongue and prophecy November 4, 2016

Regard to gift of Tongue; there are much confusion and chaos in the church, however the Holy Bible gives us, the crystal clear guidance…

What is Christian conversion is all about? November 4, 2016

First and for most importantly, we as christ followers, Do not believe in “man-attempt-conversion,” because the Holy Bible tell us,“salvation belongs to God”(Psa. 3:8; Rev. 7:10; 19:1).